Users can optionally configure personal notifications in their user settings.

User notifications are separate from system notifications, and the available notification types are dependent on user permissions.


In order to configure Telegram notifications, you first need to create a bot.

Bots cannot initiate conversations with users, so users must have your bot added to a conversation in order to receive notifications.

Bot Username (optional)

If this value is configured, users will be able to click a link to start a chat with your bot and configure their own personal notifications.

The bot username should end with _bot, and the @ prefix should be omitted.

Bot Authentication Token

At the end of the bot creation process, @BotFather will provide an authentication token.

Chat ID

To obtain your chat ID, simply create a new group chat, add @get_id_bot, and issue the /my_id command.

Send Silently (optional)

Optionally, notifications can be sent silently. Silent notifications send messages without notification sounds.

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