Need Help?

Before seeking assistance, please make sure you have first tried these following:

  • Updating Overseerr to the latest version.

  • Stopping and restarting Overseerr.

  • Restarting your machine.

  • Clearing your browser cache.

  • Analyzing your logs, you just might find the solution yourself!

If you still have questions after troubleshooting on your own, feel free to ask on Discord! (Please review our Code of Conduct before posting.)

Be sure to also include a link to your logs. (Please see How can I share my logs? below.)

What should I include when requesting support?

Please try to include as much information as possible. A vague statement like "it doesn't work" provides very little to go on, and makes it difficult for us to help you.

Try to answer the following questions:

  • What version of Overseerr are you running? (You can find this in Settings → About → Version.)

  • How did you install Overseerr? Are you using the official Docker or snap images, or images published by a third-party?

  • How are you accessing Overseerr?

    • Are you accessing Overseerr through your reverse proxy or via a local IP address?

    • What browser are you using? What browser extensions are enabled?

  • What were you trying to do, and how did you attempt it?

    • What command did you enter?

    • What did you click on?

    • What settings did you change?

    • Did you follow official instructions, or a third-party guide?

    • Provide a step-by-step list of what you tried.

    • Provide a brief description of your setup.

  • What exactly do you see?

    • Did something happen?

    • Did something not happen?

    • Are there any error messages showing?

    • Provide screenshots to help us see what you are seeing.

    • Share your Overseerr logs, which show exactly what happened and are often critical for identifying issues (see How can I share my logs? below).

How can I share my logs?

  1. Locate the current log file at <your Overseerr config directory>/logs/overseerr.log.

  2. Open the log file and copy its contents into a secret gist on GitHub. If you upload your logs elsewhere, we may ask you to share them again via GitHub Gist.

  3. Share the link/URL to your secret gist in the #support channel in our Discord server.

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