Users can optionally configure their own notifications in their user settings.


In order to configure Telegram notifications, you first need to create a bot.

Bots cannot initiate conversations with users, so users must have your bot added to a conversation in order to receive notifications.

Bot Username (optional)

If this value is configured, users will be able to click a link to start a chat with your bot and configure their own personal notifications.

The bot username should end with _bot, and the @ prefix should be omitted.

Bot Authentication Token

At the end of the bot creation process, @BotFather will provide an authentication token.

Chat ID

To obtain your chat ID, simply create a new group chat, add @get_id_bot, and issue the /my_id command.

Send Silently (optional)

Optionally, notifications can be sent silently. Silent notifications send messages without notification sounds.

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